Dec 16, 2022

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Who can help with my sciatic/leg pain?

Been getting low back pain recently? Do you have a burning, numbness & tingling sensation going down the thigh? Does the pain feel like pins and needles in the leg? Does it feel weak and difficult to move the leg or foot around?

Then you might be experiencing sciatic pain.


What is Sciatica?

The Sciatic nerve is the longest, largest nerve in your body. It comprises the Lumbar (L4) through Sacrum (S2) nerve roots. It starts from the base of the spine and runs along the back of the thigh and leg, terminating in the foot. At its widest point, it can be as wide as an adult thumb.

It is one of the widespread nerves to be compressed or irritated from the surrounding anatomical structures in the lower back. When you get pain that runs from the back or buttocks down to your thigh and leg, that is known as sciatica.  Several medical conditions can cause this including:

  • Disc Herniation / Degeneration (very common)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Lumbar Stenosis


Risk factors

  • Age between 30-50 years old
  • Overweight
  • Diabetes
  • Prolonged sitting or heavy lifting
  • Lack of exercises


Serious complications

Cauda equina syndrome is rare but a very serious condition that affects the cluster of nerves at the end of the spine named Cauda Equina. It mimics sciatic pain. However, this syndrome also causes pain & loss of sensation down the leg on both sides, impairing sexual function, and also causing loss of sensation around the anus, as well as bowel and bladder control. It’s important to seek medical attention immediately if this occurs, as it can lead to potential permanent damage and paralysis.


Can chiropractic care help Sciatica?

Yes! Chiropractors specialize in treating musculoskeletal conditions such as sciatica. Manual therapy such as (spinal manipulation, mobilization, or soft tissue techniques) is recommended in the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines 2016 for managing low back pain with or without sciatica.

Chiropractors can help you to understand what the underlying cause of your Sciatica might be. They can then formulate a treatment plan that focuses on treating the true cause of your sciatica instead of just masking the symptoms. Providing long-term benefits & preventing any reoccurrence of such incidents.

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What can you do for yourself?

Meanwhile, here are some exercises that you can try at home to help relieve your symptoms. Do this at least once a day for better results.

1) Back Extension

Lie on your front, and rest on your forearms. Straighten your arms to a 90-degree position as shown. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Your back will be arched. Start gently with this exercise as it can cause some stiffness when you first begin. Repeat 5 times.


2) Pelvic tilt

Lie flat on your back, and engage your deep core muscles by drawing your belly button inwards (towards your spine slightly), while flattening your spine against the floor, then relax. Repeat as required. Repeat 12 times.


Pelvic tilt

3) Sciatic Nerve Glide floss

Sit with good posture, straighten your affected leg and bend your ankle towards you, as you extend your neck. Then bring your neck towards your chest as you relax the ankle. This will glide the sciatic nerve. Repeat this motion 10 times.

Sciatic Nerve

For the benefit of your recovery must try and carry on with normal day-to-day activities, and avoid sitting or lying down for long periods during the day. Some gentle stretching and back exercises will also help. Visit your local pharmacist to ask for painkillers if it’s necessary for you to carry on with your daily activities. With pain relief, you will be able to have more mobility which will help your overall recovery. If you have any further questions regarding Sciatica or Chiropractic care, send us an email at


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Greg treated me last year when I was in a lot of pain after twisting my back awkwardly. He was absolutely brilliant and helped heal my back with chiropractic treatment. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and always put me at ease. I can’t thank him enough for his care and only wish I hadn’t moved so far as he is a real gem! Linda at reception is so lovely too and made booking appointments very easy. I miss our chats! Highly recommend.



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I have been receiving treatment from Greg for several years for my arthritc and muscle spasm pain. No specialist pain medication including tablets and steroid injections have given me any relief, Greg knows exactly where to treat my neck, shoulders, back and muscle bands in my legs to give me relief from the pain and restrictions in movement the conditions cause. I can highly recommend Greg for his professional treatment and support.