What is Chiropody good for?

Chiropody provides relief from ailments of the foot such as corns, verrucae, hard skin, ingrown toenails or toenails with fungal growth, skin disorders and infections. Our chiropodist/podiatrist is equipped to manage symptoms such as ulceration and poor wound healing caused by the diabetic foot.

At the clinic we can provide Gait analysis which looks at the way a person walks. From this analysis, it can be established as to the potential cause of pain in the areas described above. Having discovered a gait problem, prescription orthotic device (insoles) can be provided, reducing or in some cases eliminating the pain being experienced by the patient.

In children under 16 it can be possible to realign the joints using orthotic therapy to prevent problems later in life. In adults we are looking to reduce or alleviate pain & prevent deterioration in gait with ageing, thus preventing further problems.

For further information, please see our chiropodist’s website.

How much does Chiropody cost?

Initial consultation and treatment £45.00
Follow-up treatments £40.00
Biomechanical gait scan £100.00
Prescription orthotics from £300.00

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Our Chiropody team

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