Gregory Bailey

Clinical Director, Chiropractor & MSK Sonographer

Greg developed a passion for the human body whilst performing as a professional dancer and further consolidated this passion during his chiropractic training. The primary phase of chiropractic treatment is to relieve the pain of the injury site, through joint mobilisation and or manipulation, stretching techniques and deep tissue massage, better known as passive care. A secondary phase, or active phase of treatment is to introduce strength training in conjunction with chiropractic manipulation, allowing for the reduced possibility of a recurring injury.

Greg trained as a classical dancer and during his career, spanning ten years, he performed throughout Europe, the UK, USA and Australia. He has a unique understanding of the physical extremes that the human body undergoes, therefore the emphasis of treatment is not solely to reduce the pain but to increase the likelihood of maintaining a pain free state. This is delicate balance can be achieved by continued self-treatment and regular chiropractic check-ups.

Greg is a Masters graduate of the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, a specialist in shockwave treatment, a Member of the Royal College of Chiropractors and has been awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound. His passion is driven by how the human body performs in health, disease and physical injury.

He currently divides his time working both here and lecturing and practicing medical ultrasound for the diagnosis of joint and soft tissue pathology. Through his experience Greg has developed concise packages of care for many common problems from dysfunctional postural behaviours, repetitive movement syndromes causing RSI’s to constant heavy lifting often encountered at work.