Cino Berigliano

Hypnotherapy and counselling

Cino is a hypnotherapist and counsellor and the owner of a much misspelt and mispronounced surname! He is very committed in helping people solve many varying conditions of the psyche. Therefore, Cino is a real asset to our practice here at West Wickham.

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and counsellor, registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register. I have 10 years experience and based in Bromley and West Wickham. I love working with the mind it never ceases to amaze or fascinate me.

My life as a hypnotherapist is an interesting, enjoyable and challenging one, I have dealt with so many diverse conditions over the years and I’m never happier than when I see the beneficial results of Hypnotherapy.

Perhaps like many people, you have a preconceived idea of what hypnosis is. You might have watched a stage hypnotist “hypnotising” a group of people into running around barking like dogs. Maybe you have been amused by the Little Britain character…you know the one “look into my eyes, not around the eyes”! Perhaps you are expecting me to dangle a pocket watch in front of your eyes whilst saying in a dramatic deep voice “sleep go to sleep”!

It is none of the above!

Hypnotherapy has become a widely recognised treatment modality, managing the symptoms of a broad spectrum of conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anxiety and depression, quitting smoking, improving self-confidence, weight control and many more.

Take a look at the NHS Choices website for more details.