Regular chiropractic care helps prevent back pain

This is something we have been telling our patients for ages. Look after your spine on a preventative basis to stop more serious problems occurring in the future.

This study looked at whether people who continued their chiropractic care were any better off than people who stopped treatment after 1 month.

The outcomes showed that the people who continued their care had bigger improvements with decreasing pain and disability than those that stopped.

When you’re out of pain it does not mean the problem is gone and that is why further treatment is needed to get your spine back in to tip top condition. Maintenance care is all about getting the best out of your joints and preventing problems in the future.

Well done to all our patients who choose to have maintenance care. The best investment in your joints and health that you can make.

Greg Bailey
Greg Bailey
Clinical Director, Chiropractor & MSK Sonographer
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